Why Uni CPO?

The plugin makes it possible to add custom fields to WooCommerce products, display these options conditionally, give a possibility for store's customers to customize products, to personalize them by adding highly dynamic info like dimensions, custom labels, comments. Moreover, it enables a possibility to create a unique scheme for price calculation based on custom options added!

The features of FREE version:

  • Visual form builder – drag'n'drop visual form builder to design the look of your form in an easy and smooth way!

  • 5 builder modules: two fundamental - Row and Column; three basic - Paragraph, Button, Image

  • Custom product option types: Text Input, Text Area, Radio Inputs (classic mode only) and Select types of options

  • A possibility to use non option variables (NOV) – synthetic variables which can hold both a specific value or a maths formula as its value

  • A possibility to use wholesale-like functionality for your NOVs – different values for different user roles!

  • A possibility to use virtually any maths formula for the price calculation of your product

  • A possibility to add formulas conditional logic – apply different formulas under different circumstances!

  • A possibility to create fields conditional logic – display/hide certain custom options based on the values of other custom options and/or NOVs

The features of PRO version:

Quick note: please, read how toinstallandupgradeUniCPO from free to pro.

The PRO version of the plugin obviously includes all the features of FREE version as well as contains these:

  • 'Matrix' feature for NOVs - a possibility to add a table of prices based on the values of one or two chosen variables

  • Three additional modes for Radio option: image, color and text

  • Checkboxes type of option with four modes: classic, image, color _and text_

  • File Upload Option

  • Date picker type of option with two modes: single and range

  • Dynamic Notice Option

  • Matrix Option

  • 1 click duplication functionality - all the product's configuration and a builder content can be duplicated in one single click

  • Export/import of both a builder content as well as product's configuration (a possibility to transfer from/to another site)

  • A possibility to set product weight dynamically by using a plain maths formula or weight conditional logic (apply different formulas under different circumstances in order to calculate a cart item weight (to be used by 3rd party shipping plugins for shipping cost calculation)) and optionally display this weight in the cart (next to cart item's title)

  • A possibility to set product dimensions (width, height and length) dynamically based on the values of custom options

  • A possibility to change product main image upon selection in Radio Inputs and Checkboxes types of options and display this image in the cart

  • A possibility to add a product with custom options to the cart without reloading product's page (via AJAX call)

  • Cart item duplication and cart item edit features

  • Wholesale functionality - cart discounts based on a user's role

  • Colorify feature

Availability of the features in either Free or Pro versions of the plugin can be checked in this documentation. You can notice that some features are marked with Free tag or do not marked at all. Those features are available in the FREE version of UniCPO plugin. Other features are marked with Pro tag. Those features are available in UniCPO PRO version only and you have to buy the plugin in order to use these features.

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