Themes & Plugins Compatibility

This list is certainly not a full and complete. Still it has some valuable information about the compatibility of Uni CPO with other plugins.


Partially compatible or almost compatible:




Partly incompatible because Flatsome theme uses custom JS script called Flickity for product main image gallery. It is hard to tweak it. The issue is that when using Colorify the colorpicker for background color change does not work. Although the possible solution is posted in our FB group Builderians.


Uni CPO is not compatible with "fusion" family plugins which are provided along with Avada theme. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about this. This is how those plugins are coded. One of them causes major JS error so Uni CPO's builder mode does not work.

Possible solution: switch to Storefront, do everything related to product configuration, switch back to Avada theme.


No incompatibility issues were reported. Although it might happen that it is not possible to open WP media uploader within Uni CPO's builder mode.

The solution: simply enable enqueuing of WP Media Uploader related scripts (which are disabled in Enfold by default) on the theme's settings page. Here:


This theme adds its own additional pop up at the bottom of the page with a copy of the original product form. Therefore Uni CPO takes precisely this data (from this last form) and sends via ajax call for product price calculation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use this last form or change any option here.

No solutions found.

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