Extra Cart Button

Adds a possibility to add one or more additional "add to cart" buttons with an optional possibility to use such buttons along with "Free Sample" functionality. Such button acts exactly like "add to cart" button does i.e., it adds the product to the cart. Generally, you may add 2 or more such buttons and manage their appearance by using fields conditional logic.

⚠️ Adding one or more Extra Cart Button does not hide the main "add to cart" button. Manage to hide it with some custom CSS if you need it.

⚠️ Enable 'Ajax add to cart' functionality in order to use this button!


1. General settings

The description of general settings related to "free sample" functionality is given here.

2. Option's settings

  • Slug is a mandatory field (as for any other Option).

  • Mode: regular or "Free sample"

The difference between these two modes is minimal. If product is added by clicking on Extra Cart Button in "free sample" mode, then a text "sample" will be added next to the cart item's title.

  • "Free sample" mode: calc price or zero price

When "calc price" mode is used, then product will be added to the cart with the current calculated price. This way you can set not just "free" price, but any price. For instance, you may want to offer samples at very cheap price, but not for free. Makes sense, right? 😉 How to set such price? By using any other Options you like, utilising fields conditional logic and your creativity! We provide tools, you create the result 😇

When in "zero price" mode, clicking on Extra Cart Button adds product with price equal to "0" no matter what. That's right - regardless any options visible and so on.

Just to remember:

  • "calc price" mode takes into account visible Options and the price calculated according to them;

  • "zero price" does not take into account any Options and adds product with price "0" straight to the cart;

⚠️ Important to bear in mind that whenever this button is in "free sample" mode and is shown when you add your product to the cart - even if you click on the original 'add to cart' button - that cart item will be treated as sample and word "Sample" will be added next to the cart item's title. Use fields conditional logic to display/hide this Option.

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