Weight Conditional Logic

It is possible to set the weight of the ordered item dynamically with the help of Weight Conditional Logic.

The related modal form can be accessed by clicking on this icon in the Builder.

  • Enable disable weight calculation

  • Enable/disable weight conditional logic functionality

The principles of how the main formula and the conditional logic work for weight calculation are the same as for Formula and Formula conditional logic. The main difference is what this functionality calculates. In this case it calculates the weight of the cart item that contains the current product. You can enable displaying the weight calculated next to the cart item title.

Weight calculation is a handy tool for calculating the wight of the cart item dynamically. Using this value in one of the variety of shipping cost calculation plugins gives a possibility to calculate real shipping rates! 🏆 However UniCPO DOES NOT calculate a shipping cost by itself. It sets cart item's weight dynamically, so shipping cost calculation plugins could use this value! Also, please, notice that not every shipping cost calculation plugin is compatible with UniCPO and this feature. Please, check the section about compatible plugins and themes.

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