Date Picker

Adds a possibility to use Date Picker as a form field for your form. It can be of two types: single date and dates range. For instance, this is how it looks like in dates range mode:

🏆 PRO FUNCTIONALITY: In addition to the main variable that holds a formatted date (or starting and ending dates splited by dash sign), this Option also has these special vars:


The first two variables hold formatted dates. Start is for starting date and end is for ending date (it is empty when the Option is in single date mode). Duration variable holds the number of days between starting and ending dates chosen.

Some tips and tricks:

1) In order to set default range for datepicker in range mode use value like "2019-04-05 - 2019-04-09" in "Default (initial) value" setting. Important: preserve all the spaces and date format, use my value as a sample!

2) If you want to set min/max date to smth like "4 days ahead of today" then try putting smth like this "new Date().fp_incr(4)" into min or max value settings. Exactly this code sets the date 4 days ahead of today. Change "4" to another integer value to adjust number of days.

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