Stock management based on dynamic SKU

This page includes overview of stock management functionality based on dynamic SKUs.

Enable stock management

Stock management functionality works when dynamic SKU is enabled, the pattern is defined and the checkbox for stock management based on dynamic SKU is also checked:

After you update the product a new tab "CPO stock management" will be shown:

Next step - add stock level related records. This is a simple table of SKU and related quantity of the product. It is also possible to use import of CSV file to upload the data faster. This is the example of CSV file with stock amounts data, you may download it and use as a blueprint.

Remember to save/update the product after the modification of this data.

Now the stock management is set and ready!

Displaying stock amount data on the product page

It is possible to notify customers about stock availability of the specific configuration of the product. This is how it may look like:

To add such notification you have to use Dynamic Notice option. The following is the example of content of Dynamic Notice that I used. It is sufficient to do the job. But you may expand/modify it if you need:

{# var left = data.stock_qty - data.quantity #}
{# if (left >= 0) { #}
{{{data.stock_status_msg}}} ({{{data.stock_qty}}})
{# } else { #}
{# } #}

I believe this would be a good starter point for you ;)


Does this add-on works with Uni CPO FREE version?

Yes! Except Import/export functionality of stock amounts table data.

Will the stock amount be reduced automatically when customer orders the product of certain configuration(s)?

Yes, the stock amount will be reduced automatically when the order with such order items will be marked as 'completed'.

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