Shipping Classes Conditional Logic

This page describes shipping classes conditional logic feature. This is a PRO feature!


Shipping classes conditional logic allows store owners to use different shipping methods and/or set shipping cost of their products created in Uni CPO with custom options. It levels up the possibility of product customization, including different shipping possibilities.

Examples of use cases

  • Offer different shipping cost depending on the weight calculated based on dimension options chosen.

  • Differentiate shipping costs based on some material option.

  • Etc.

How it works

There is a new icon on the panel. It looks like this:

This icon opens a new modal window where you can enable the conditional logic and add conditions:

Adding conditions for shipping classes logic works exactly like adding conditions for formula logic or weight calculation logic. This is the example:

Important! Shipping classes must be added in advance in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping classes. Example:

All shipping classes created in WooCommerce will be available in the select for the condition, as shown above. You can create simple or quite complex rules based on which a specific chosen shipping class will be added to the cart item dynamically!

Same as for any conditional logic builders in Uni CPO, this one works like this: the first match will stop iteration through conditions. Based on this knowledge: only ONE shipping class can be added using shipping class conditional logic.

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