How To Use

Using the plugin is quite easy. Just follow these steps and watch out for important things or required actions.

Plugin's global settings

Go to WooCommerce -> Uni CPO General Settings admin page and (re)define global plugin's settings. Quite possible that the default values of the settings work just perfect for you/in your theme. So you actually do not need to change anything. However, it may happen that your theme uses custom main product image or price wrapper/markup on a single product page, therefore you have to set a new CSS selector (or both selectors) to make everything works properly.

Product configuration

Create a WooCommerce product or edit an existing one

Create a new WooCommerce product or start editing an existing one. ⚠️ It is important that this product is type 'simple' and it has any price set. Even price value "1" is enough. ⚠️ If the product is any other type, UniCPO plugin will not work for it. If the product's price is not set, the custom options as well as 'add to cart button' will not be shown.

Enter the builder mode

Use the visual form builder for adding Modules (in order to add useful info or make the page more visually appeal) and/or Options (in order to make the product customizable by a customer). Still, you should start with the builder panel and your product general settings.

Enable using custom options

Enable using custom options in the product's general settings modal window. At least 'Display custom options on the product page?' setting must be enabled. This setting enables displaying custom options on the product page. Read more about Uni CPO product related settings here.

Add custom options in the builder

Start from adding at least one row and a column (column will be created automatically when you create row). Add custom options then. Save builder content (yellow diskette icon on the builder panel).

Configure price calculation

Each option has its value. Option's value is bind to its variable which in turn can be used in price calculation formula. Basically, you just need to add any formula to Formula Conditional Logic modal window. Your formula here will be evaluated and set as product price. You can also create Non Option Variables and then use them in your price calculation formula in addition to regular variables which come from custom options.


Duplicate a product by using standard WC duplicate functionality and all your Uni CPO related settings for this product as well as a builder content will be duplicated too! 🤟

Are you a developer?

Proceed to 'for developers' section if you need to get info about filters and hooks used in the plugin. The topics under this section is for advanced users only! You have to be familiar with WordPress Hooks as well as know PHP/JS.

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