Web to Print Online Designer WordPress plugin is a third-party freemium plugin that adds possibilities to design your products as well as add some additional options which optionally impacts the final products price.

The configuration of integration:

  1. Download NBDesigner WordPress plugin and activate it

  2. Follow the instructions given on that plugin page/docs to set it up correctly and enable for a certain product

  3. Important! Go to NBDesigner -> Settings admin page, tab Printing options and set the following setting to "No":

You can add as many options in this plugin as you need. They always will be displayed before Uni CPO's options on the product page. You can set those plugin's options so they impact the price of the product. Any product price alterations will be prvided to Uni CPO plugin via


variable. For instance, the default product price is '5', the your NBDesigner options changes the price to '7.5', so this value will be available in Uni CPO via the variable mentioned above and you can use it in your Uni CPO's formulas and proceed with custom price configuration.

Important: this integration may not cover 100% of functionality that is provided by NBDesigner plugin! You should test the integration of both plugins before buying Uni CPO as the fact of certain incompatibility is not the reason for refund!

Done! 😎

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