File Upload

Adds a possibility to upload files in order to add them to the ordering item. This Option uploads a file via AJAX in chunks, so it can handle file upload of any sizes regardless


setting on your hosting. 💪 It is possible to restrict files by size and by MIME types.

Some settings related to this Option are on plugin's settings page. These settings are global and automatically applied to all instances of File Upload Option. However, setting like max file size and _mime types allowed _can be overridden on per Option instance basis. It means that you can have fine tuned file uploads across the site! 😎

🏆 PRO FUNCTIONALITY: In addition to the main variable that holds an ID of attachment uploaded, this Option also has these special vars:


These special variables are not empty only when the image is uploaded! Images in .png, .jpg formats etc. Obviously, these variables hold values of image's width and height (in pixels) respectively and can be used in backend in maths formula used for the price calculation.

How to create a Dropbox App and configure the plugin to let customers upload files directly to your Dropbox account

2) Open "Permissions" tab and set `files.content.write` permission for your application. Then save changes.

3) Got to your newly created app and find "Generated access token" setting. Click on "Generate" button, the new access token will be generated. Keep it in secret! Go to the plugin's settings page and paste the token to the appropriate setting. Choose 'dropbox' in "File storage" setting. Save the settings.

That's all!

⚠️ You have regenerate the token every time you change the folder of your app!!

😎 Files uploaded from File Upload Options will be automatically saved in your Dropbox account. "File storage" setting is the global setting. It means that the value chosen in this setting will be applied to all File Upload Options on your site automatically! You cannot change this setting on per option basis!

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