Fields Conditional Logic

Fields Conditional Logic feature makes it possible to conditionally display and hide Options based on inputs/choices in other Options. This is how it looks like:

It is possible to display/hide Options based on the value(s) of one or many other Options. It is also possible to create an effect of nested Options 💪 when the second Option is hidden/shown based on the value of first Option and the third option is hidden/shown based on the value of the second Option. Just like on the image above. 👆

Fields conditional logic works without sending AJAX requests to the server, so it is fast and smooth!

🏆 PRO TIP: It is also possible to use NOVs in Fields Conditional Logic. However, in this case AJAX request is required to get values of NOVs in order to evaluate whether some Option must be shown/hidden!

The interface of this feature looks like this:

Enable conditional logic? - Enables/disables this functionality for the Option.

Show or hide by default? - Choose whether to hide or show by default. 'hide' setting is used most often. It means that the Option will be hidden by at the beginning and displayed only if the condition from the field conditional logic builder is met.

Field conditional logic builder - this where you can create a condition for the Option. Once created, condition cannot be removed, but you always can disable this functionality by using Enable conditional logic? setting.

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