Google Map

Adds a possibility to use Google Map and grab the address of the place marked by customer.

⚠️ In order to use this option a valid API key must be added on the plugin's settings page. These are steps you have to do to create a proper google app and grab a valid API key:

  • Go to Google's Dev Console and create a new project

  • Open Library tab and enable these two APIs: Geocoding API and Maps JavaScript API

  • Open Credentials tab and click on Create credentials blue button, choose _API key _type

  • Configure the credentials properly and use its API key in the plugin (copy and paste on the plugin's settings page)

This option does the following:

  • allows adding Google Map to the product form

  • allows creating a marker on the map and turns the marker's LatLng into address

  • sets the address as option's value and sends it to cart/order meta

This option does not calculate a distance or anything like this.

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