Custom dynamic SKU (paid)

Paid add-on for Uni CPO 4 plugin. Support available!

Using the plugin

Upon the plugin activation it adds two new settings on the product edit page.

The first (1) setting enables the feature. The second setting is for defining a pattern/template for dynamic SKU creation.

Example: you have options Size (slug: 'uni_cpo_size') and Color (slug: `uni_cpo_color`). You want to use both these options in dynamic SKU. Then the dynamic SKU template (2) could be this:


Then ordered items will have SKUs like: "01-xl-red" and "01-m-green" etc.

The third setting (3) enables stock management based on the dynamic SKU of the product. Please, read the overview an HOW-TO of stock management on the next page.

Buy the add-on

The plugin-add-on can be bought inside your WP admin area. Uni CPO plugin must be activated and registered. After that you should see "Add-ons" (2) admin menu under WooCommerce admin menu item (1). The add-on item is located on the page (3)

Prices are:

  • $39.99 for a SINGLE site license

  • $79.99 for an UNLIMITED sites license

Both licenses are lifetime. Which means you would pay only once and use it forever. We do not have annual licenses for this add-on, only lifetime ones!

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