Validation Conditional Logic

Validation Conditional Logic feature adds a possibility to dynamically apply different validation rules based on inputs/choices in other Options. This video will help to understand it better:

Currently, this feature works only for Text Input Option.

Example & tutorial of using validation conditional logic is shown here:

Validation attributes available

The following section is for advanced users only!

It is possible to use the following validation attributes:

  • type -email | number | integer | digits | alphanum | url

  • minlength - number

  • maxlength - number

  • min - number

  • max - number

  • range - example: [6, 10]

  • mincheck - number

  • maxcheck - number

  • equalto - ID of html form field

  • greaterorequalthan - ID of html form field

  • greaterthan - ID of html form field

  • lessorequalthan - ID of html form field

  • lessthan - ID of html form field

The attributes above should be prefixed by 'data-parsley-'. Examples:


The mentioned validation rules are usable in any option. They can be put inside "Extra valdiation rules" setting. Basically, this setting will output any HTML attribute (for instance, you would need placeholder attribute - it can be added here as well ;) ).

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