Dynamic labels for options/suboptions

You may want to display price of certain option/suboption just in front of the customer so their knows for sure how much it adds to the product price. For instance, we have 'Color' option and then certain suboption would have name "Red (+$1.5)" and '1.5' here is the data displayed dynamically, not just written in text.

It is possible now. The data can be get from NOV. So:

1) the data will be get from NOV, therefore you need an acompanied NOV;

2) this works for setting label of select/radio/chekboxes suboptions and/or for labels of any options;


Another example where it can be used (partially hidden text because seting's form field is asmall one):

Possible syntax:

This is for displaying only! Do not put inside any calculation, it will not work!

Anything between '{#' and '#}' will not be shown on init. This feature works only if ajax request are sent, which means all required options must be filled/chosen prior sending the request.

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