Manage Order Items

A reasonable question: how do edit order items which custom price calculation is enabled for? Is it possible at all? Yes, it is!

WooCommerce order edit screen has its own unique interface. However we have managed to hook into it successfully and created a possibility to add/edit custom options so the price calculation will performed automatically for the edited order item. This is how it looks like:

And the text version, step by step:

  1. In case you are going to create a new order item: add new product item by clicking on "Add items(s)" button, choose product(s), click on "Add" button.

  2. Skip the previous step if you are going to edit existing order item. Select the newly created order item by clicking on it. The whole row will be highlighted in pink. If the product of the chosen order item has "Display custom options" enabled then "Add/Edit CPO option(s)" button will be shown in the last row of the table. Click on this button.

  3. "Add/Edit option(s)" modal will be shown with custom fields. Only those custom fields will be shown which are added to the related product in the builder content of the product.

  4. Add or edit values of the custom fields in modal window and click "Update"

  5. The whole row of the chosen order item will be updated with the chosen options, their values and the price calculated according to the product configuration.

  6. Important: click on "Recalculate" button once you finish adding/editing order items! This action updates order's total.

That's all!

Important info about this feature in the current version of the plugin:

  • You CANNOT add/edit file uploads for order items at the moment; this feature will be added in the next release

  • Range Slider option in 'single' mode is possible to edit; you CANNOT edit Range Slider option in 'double' mode at the moment; this feature will be added in the next release

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