Builderius Roadmap

Builderius is continually under development. The current version can be seen in the top right corner of the screen. This page describes our best guess of what we'll be building in the near term. Like all plans, this roadmap is subject to change, so don't use it for planning purposes. We'll do our best to keep this page updated as things change.

Recently completed

  • Added caching. It works under the hood and makes the builder incredibly fast!
  • Gutenberg editor integration phase 1: possibility to edit Headings and Paragraphs of the published template.
  • Added plenty of new modules: Time, Figcaption, Summary etc. Splited content modules. Now we have: Paragraph, List, Blockquote.
  • Added new settings for modules. The most remarkable are custom HTML attributes and transition.
  • Improved settings' values validation.

Next up

  • Presets for modules
  • Implementing CSS custom properties (variables), introducing CSS functions 'calc' and 'var'
  • Managing CSS selectors for each module.
  • Adding 'group editing' functionality